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Customized current transformer

Q&S Resin molded current transformer is of Donut type, used for current measurement of AC circuit rated 50/60 Hz and voltage 660V and below. The product is of resin-casting type with molded fixed mounting base plate.


This Resin type current transformer provide an extensive range from 30A/5A to 6000A/5A or secondary rated at 1A as per request. It is applicable for electric cable or busbar installations. It can withstand higher temperature as compare to conventional PVC encapsulated or tape wound current transformer.

Structure feature

Q&S current transformer is made of high quality cold-rolled oriented silicon steel, the secondary coil(rated 5A or 1A) is made of heavy formex copper magnet wire, then insulated with high quality resin material to obtain higher insulation level and temperature tolerance.

Technical parameter

1. System voltage: 660VAC maximum

2. Test voltage: 2.5kV r.m.s for 1 minute

3. System frequency: 50/60Hz

4. Primary rating: 30-6000A

5. Secondary output: 5A is standard

6. Short circuit thermal: 5kV for 1 sec

7. Overload withstand: 1.2 times rated currents continuously

8. Rated dynamic current: 7.5kA for 2 sec

9. Insulation class IEC85, BS2757: class E

10. Operating temperature: 40C to 85C

11. Humidity: up to 95% RH(non condensing)

12. Enclosure: flame retardant

13. Comply with: IEC 60094-1


1. AC current measurement with AC ammeter, Demand meter, PF meter, KW meter, Kwhr meter(Sub-metering), current transducer, digital measuring instruments.

2. Applicable to general switchgear and marine switchgear installations

3. Applicable to analog and digital types of overcurrent relays

4. Applicable to electronic type of motor protection relays

5. Applicable to inverter and softer starter for c.t. ratio

Customized current transformer

Customized current transformer